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Beat Light is a series of pendant lamps. The lamps are hand made out of metal and only later got their black-colored exterior. The Beat Lights differ from one another in the shape of their shades. Beat Light Wide has a flat but soft shade, Beat Light Stout possesses a thick, round shade. Beat Light Fat is small, but compact. And Beat Light Tall is a long funnel-shaped lamp.

All lamps have their simple black color in common. However, each shade provides different lighting. Even the brass colored interior looks different due to the different shapes of each shade. Therefore, the lamps differ greatly from each other, yet it is still possible to tell that they come from the same “family”.

The black exterior and the golde colored, illuminated interior, give an interesting and mysterious look to the lamp. Despite this, the Beat Light lamps are suitable for every interior because of their simple forms and colors.

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Product Size

Size: ∅ 14.2″ x H 7.9″ / Dia 36 cm x H 20 cm

Size: ∅ 9.8″ x H 11″ / Dia 25 cm x H 28 cm

Size: ∅ 7.9″ x H 15.8″ / Dia 20 cm x H 40 cm

Combination A Size: ∅ 11.8″ x H 59″ / Dia 30 cm x H 150 cm

Combination B Size: ∅ 23.6″ x H 59″ / Dia 60 cm x H 150 cm


Material: Metal, Aluminum

Light source: LED bulb or Edison bulb

Light source base type: E26 or E27 (as shown below)

Power: 40W

Voltage: AC 110~240V

Weight: 3kg / 6.6 lbs

Finishes: Black, White

Process: Cutting, punching, Baking paint

Control method: push-button switch (support bulb dimming)

Q: Does it support dimming?

A: Whether it supports dimming depends on what type of bulb you buy. If you buy a dimming bulb, this lamp will achieve a dimming function.


∅ 7.9″ X H 15.8″ / Dia 36cm X H 20cm, ∅ 9.8″ X H 11″ / Dia 25cm X H 28cm, ∅ 14.2″ X H 7.9″ / Dia 20cm X H 40cm, Combination A, Combination B


Black, White

1 review for Beat Pendant Light

    STEVE V.
    I bought these to light up my dining room which doesn't have an overhead chandelier. They are very bright and their color is a good bit whiter than incandescents. But I like this. They do the job though their color is a little whiter than I expected.
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