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Noctambule is a cutting-edge lighting system created by renowned designer Konstantin Grcic that combines innovation, efficiency, and beauty. The translucent hand-blown glass cylinder of the lamp is ringed on top and bottom by discrete LED lighting, giving the lamp’s base a chic and beautiful appearance. The user can attach extra components to the fixture in order to experiment with other forms of illumination. This helps create columns of light at varied heights that light up at the intersection places between each module or unit.

Depending on the situation and desires, the Noctambule LED dimmable floor lamp’s cylinders, cone, bowl top, and big base can be set up as a hanging lamp or a standing light. You can control the power supply unit inside the ceiling rise or the pedal-operated control panel that is connected to the power cord to adjust the lamp’s dimming capabilities. The cylindrical body of the contemporary lamp is offered in both low and high heights, and customers can select a dome- or cone-shaped head for a more direct light source.

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Product Size

Noctambule Cylinders Shade

Size: ∅ 11″ x H 13″ /  Dia 28cm x H 33cm

Size:  ∅ 11″ x H 25.6″ /  Dia 28cm x H 65cm

Size:  ∅ 11″ x H 38.2″ /  Dia 28cm x H 97cm

Size:  ∅ 11″ x H 50.8″ /  Dia 28cm x H 129cm


Noctambule Cone Shade

Size:  ∅ 11″ x H 22.8″ /  Dia 28cm x H 58cm

Size:  ∅ 11″ x H 35.4″ /  Dia 28cm x H 90cm

Size:  ∅ 11″ x H 48″ /  Dia 28cm x H 122cm

Size:  ∅ 11″ x H 60.6″ /  Dia 28cm x H 154cm


Noctambule Bowl Shade

Size:  ∅ 15.8″ x H 21.3″ /  Dia 40cm x H 54cm

Size:  ∅ 15.8″ x H 33.8″ /  Dia 40cm x H 86cm

Size:  ∅ 15.8″ x H 46.5″ /  Dia 40cm x H 118cm

Size:  ∅ 15.8″ x H 59″ /  Dia 40cm x H 150cm



Materials: Blown crystal, Die-cast aluminum, Metal

Light source: Integrated LED

Kelvin range: Warm White (2700K to 3300K), Cool White (3300K to 5300K), Daylight (5300K to 6500K)

Power: ~10W

Voltage: AC 110-240V

Mounting: Ceiling

Environment: Indoor

Weight: 3kg / 6.6lbs

Battery: No

Driver Required: Yes

Finishes: Transparent, Black

Process: Polishing, Lacquer, Blown crystal

Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)

We supply 250cm/98″ wire with switch plug, which can be lengthened as required.


Model A ∅ 11″ x H 13″ / Dia 28cm x H 33cm, Model A ∅ 11″ x H 25.6″ / Dia 28cm x H 65cm, Model A ∅ 11″ x H 38.2″ / Dia 28cm x H 97cm, Model A ∅ 11″ x H 50.8″ / Dia 28cm x H 129cm, Model B ∅ 11″ x H 22.8″ / Dia 28cm x H 58cm, Model B ∅ 11″ x H 35.4″ / Dia 28cm x H 90cm, Model B ∅ 11″ x H 48″ / Dia 28cm x H 122cm, Model B ∅ 11″ x H 60.6″ / Dia 28cm x H 154cm, Model C ∅ 15.8″ x H 21.3″ / Dia 40cm x H 54cm, Model C ∅ 15.8″ x H 33.8″ / Dia 40cm x H 86cm, Model C ∅ 15.8″ x H 46.5″ / Dia 40cm x H 118cm, Model C ∅ 15.8″ x H 59″ / Dia 40cm x H 150cm, Model D ∅ 21.6″ x H 85.4″ / Dia 55cm x H 217cm

Color temperature

Warm White, Cold White

Plug option

American plug, European plug, British plug, Australian plug

3 reviews for Noctambule Table&Floor Lamp

    Easy to assemble. Very sturdy. Looks great. Good lighting.
    Perfect for room where just need more light
    Very nice, bright lights. Installation is very straight forward, and the application possibilities are numerous. I installed in a living room that lacked overhead, wired lighting in parts of the room, and these are better quality than the existing overhead lights.
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